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Renaissance for Right Now: All About Helen’s Uhuburg Castle


While castles go hand-in-hand with stereotypical knights in shining armor upon first thought, they’re often landmarks of deep architectural significance and historical contributions. You might think you have to travel to Europe or farther to experience an enlightening and educational castle, but now you actually don’t have to. If you’re looking to dig deeper into the virtues of knowledge, beauty, and truth that stand the test of time, look no further than the fascinating Uhuburg castle in Helen, Georgia. 

Uniqueness Abounds 

When you visit Uhuburg, you’ll be transported back to the Renaissance era, even though you’re in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and just a short distance from downtown Helen. German for “Eagle Owl Castle,” it’s a structure of white with a striking red domed door and ample opportunities to explore architecture, horticulture, and philosophy of the period like never before in the area. Uhuburg is a completely one-of-a-kind architectural marvel, carefully curating the culture of the south Appalachian Mountains while incorporating select European traits. Twelve towers including an eight-story lookout tower offering 360-degree mountain views, gatehouses, and a tropical atrium allow all the senses to explore.

While architecture is what greets you as you approach the castle, more than 1,300 feet of thought-provoking murals with an emphasis on Zoroastrian, Shinto, and New Age philosophies and epistemology are waiting for you to ponder within the castle walls. Eight murals are currently completed, with a goal of 30 murals in the total project.  

What started as a dream in 2008 for Bob Marthai, the architect, builder, and dreamer of Uhuburg, became a reality when the castle opened to the public in May 2023. 

Everywhere You Look 

While there are numerous intangible treasures to discover within the castle, the grounds themselves also contain enchantment that surpasses time periods. The gardens are full of orchards and row crops where nutrition and nature intersect. The fruits of its labor are also celebrated, with over 1,500 pounds of muscadine and concord grapes harvested from the vineyards each year. The smallest residents of Uhuburg call the carnivorous bog home, including Venus flytraps and sundews. Just like nature, the gardens are constantly growing with medicinal areas and a Buddhist Eightfold Path coming soon. 

The grounds are also the picturesque host for taking a memorable moment for yourself. A visit to the Zen garden will nourish from the inside out with the gift of peace. Stretch mind and body thanks to abounding crisp mountain air and views to match along the walking paths. Or take a seat by the streaming fountains, bubbling with their perfectly serene backbeat for introspection. Everywhere you look, Uhuburg boasts the rare opportunity to delve into the past while simultaneously creating excitement surrounding the future.

Get the Most Out of Your Visit 

The only (and best!) way to visit Uhuburg is by booking a tour prior to your arrival, especially if you’re planning to come during peak season. During your tour, the ultra-hospitable Bob Marthai will lead you around the must-see spots while sharing eye-opening insights into the castle’s history, including Bob’s philosophy and significance of the murals.

Admission for adults is $35, with discounts available for senior citizens and military members. Children 0-3 years old receive complimentary admission, and children 3-12 years old are $25/ticket.

You’re welcome to bring refreshments for your visit, but pets are not permitted. The only food or drink to purchase once you get to Uhuburg is bottled water.

Extend Your Visit 

To continue to be immersed in Uhuburg’s architectural and philosophical ideals after the castle closes, book an overnight stay in one of the four private chambers on the second floor. No detail was spared in creating these rooms drenched in varying jewel tones and decadent touches – some with soaking tubs and private balconies – all of which are offered at modest price points. Guests in private chambers also have access to a common parlor, atrium, and drawing room for further relaxation and reflection. 

Have the Castle All to Yourself 

At Uhuburg, every day is worth celebrating. So when you have a special event to host at Uhuburg, staff will do everything in their power to help you feel like the king or queen of the castle for the day. From weddings to corporate events and other special occasions, the unmatched beauty and charm of Uhuburg can accommodate up to 115 guests.

Uhuburg: A Regal Experience for All

A visit to the Uhuburg castle in Helen will challenge you to see the central structure that shapes tales as old as time with a fresh emphasis on philosophy and contemplation. A literal and figurative fortress of nature, knowledge, beliefs, and truth, Uhuburg is truly something spectacular to behold. For more fun that transcends time while you’re in town – from spas and wineries to historical sights and outdoor adventures – click here.


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