Babyland General Hospital - Cabbage Patch Kids

Babyland General Hospital - Cabbage Patch Kids

Cleveland, GA

300 N. O. K. Dr.
Cleveland, GA 30528

Free admission to the Cabbage Patch Kids' Southern-Style, antebellum home in the Georgia Mountains. Witness a birth. Staff administers Imagicillin & gives adoption consultations. Adoptable Appalachian art in animated displays. Throughout the year there are special public Seasonal Events, Tea Parties, along with private birthday, ballroom and wedding celebrations.

Artist and Creator of the Cabbage Patch Kids, Xavier Roberts, continues to work on the gardens and landscape surrounding the beautiful 70,000 square foot columned home on 650 acres in the mountains.

The roots of the Cabbage Patch Kids stem from the art of needle sculpture combined with the art of quilting in the Appalachian Mountains. An archive display shows the evolution of the hand-stitched babies that are valued from $15,000 to $30,000. Collectors report values at almost $50,000. Art appreciation can start at an early age. Have fun celebrating the uniqueness of one-of-a-kind work of art. Original Cabbage Patch Kids continue to be hand-stitched to birth in Cleveland, GA. The mass market version of our "Kids, with over 120 million adopted worldwide to date, captures the spirit and essence of individuality.

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It’s the charm of Bavaria, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.