Don’t Let Food Take You Out of Your Vacation: Al Fresco in Helen

Oct 01, 2018

It’s early fall, just before the Oktoberfest rush. This is a great time to be here in the Blue Ridge Mountains because it’s beautiful, comfortable, and easy to get around. You don’t go to the mountains to just see them out of the window—you want to feel the air, hear...More

The Sound of Nature Music: Mountain Biking Near Helen

Oct 01, 2018

Helen is unforgettable because of its compact and picturesque Bavarian style. We are, however, also a great launching point for all kinds of nature-presented experiences. You might be traveling alone and looking for balance between tourist leisure and adventurer exhilaration, or you might need a place where you won’t feel...More

Without a Doubt the Best Southern Kraut is in Helen

Oct 30, 2018

It’s no secret that we often judge international cuisine on a few unrepresentative memories. Maybe you had some seriously whack guacamole that was just a little too day-glo green. Perhaps it was a lackluster miso soup. It’s possible you’ve sworn off these foods—even written them off as gross simply based...More

Yonah Preserve is the Intermediate Mountain Biking Option You Can Count On

Oct 30, 2018

Mountain biking is one sport that’s thrilling the first time you go out. Surfing, skateboarding, tennis, golf, distance running . . . not so much. But progress-driven as we are, your 10 th ride through a beginner trail can get a bit stale. Helen has always had great places to...More

Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day

Nov 15, 2018

Spend less time hovering over the oven and more time with family with our round-up of area restaurants open for Thanksgiving...More
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It’s the charm of Bavaria, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.